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Equine SunSwitch Solarium

Equin SunSwitch solarium in use

An equine solarium produces short wavelength infrared heat of the same type as the sun. Only without the harmful UV rays. Modern equine management practices such as stabling, rugging up and turning out for only part of the day reduce a horse's exposure to natural light. Allowing your horse or pony to stand under a solarium regularly can compensate for this. It can improve his overall condition, strengthen his immune system and benefit him in many other ways.

Comparison of Equine SunSwitch and a conventional bank solariumA traditional horse solarium consists of several banks of lamps on a frame that can be lowered around a tethered horse. A SunSwitch Equine Solarium, fitted with high-tech elements, produces the same infrared warmth and includes all you need to make your own solarium at a fraction of the cost. Better still, our heaters do not need to be raised and lowered, which is often frightening for a nervous horse. The heaters are fixed in position safely out of reach of the horse, above and to either side of its flanks. When Equine SunSwitch is used in a loose box it is not usually necessary to restrain the horse - ideal for foaling or sick animals.

A traditional horse solarium has limited uses. It is employed mostly as an adjunct to therapy, with horses being warmed for around 20 minutes at a time. One of the chief advantages of Equine SunSwitch is that it can be used for extended periods, and there is room to move freely around the horse. ThisVet examining horse under Equine SunSwitch is particularly helpful where physiotherapy is required. Horse and ponies generally find Equine SunSwitch very soothing and calming, whereas many fidget and show signs of stress and within the confines of a traditional horse solarium.

Equine SunSwitch is weather, spray and dust proof so it has a whole range of uses, such as horse and rug drying and clipping. Heat levels are easily adjusted using our equine controllers, providing great flexibility of use.

The high capital cost of a conventional horse solarium, together with its fixed configuration, makes it unsuitable for most of the varied Equine SunSwitch applications. Each Equine SunSwitch unit costs as little as 12p per hour to run and replacement elements are readily available through our next-day postal service. Installation by your favourite electrician is quick and simple, and units may be added or re-positioned at any time, providing great flexibility.

With SunSwitch, the heaters do not need to be raised and lowered – they are fixed in position safely out of reach of the horse above and to either side of the horse's flanks. This allows both you and the horse greater freedom of movement during use. Equine SunSwitch Controllers enable the output of each heater to be regulated independently.

Big Box horse solarium configurationspacerBig box horse solarium
Equine SunSwitch heaters are rated to IP54 which means they are sealed gainst sprayed water and dust. This makes them suitable for installation in all equine environments including wash down bays. Heat levels are easily adjusted using the dials on the Equine SunSwitch Controllers.

Ancillary uses
In addition to its therapeutic applications, Equine SunSwitch has numerous additional practical uses including the rapid drying of horses and rugs. They produce fantastic results in show ponies when used for stimulating the moulting process, and for drying after shampooing.

SunSwitch Equine Solarium options
SunSwitch Equine Solariums include everything required for a personally designed horse solarium. We have put together the most popular combinations of heaters and controllers in our shop at pre-discounted prices.

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