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Woman clipping horseWhy clip?
Nature gives horses and ponies a thicker coat in the winter, but this can become a burden when the horse is rugged up or exercised. So many riders clip this thick woolly coat for their horse’s comfort and to prevent loss of condition through excess sweating. Rugs are used to replace the natural winter coat, so your horse stays nice and warm (Equine SunSwitch is a great rug dryer too!).

Hunter clipped horseHow can Equine SunSwitch help?
It’s practically impossible to achieve a good even cut in a gloomy stable. It’s even more difficult if in colder weather when you have to leave the rug half on to keep the horse warm during the process. With Equine SunSwitch life becomes simpler. Just whip the rug right off and clip away - there's no need to hurry. Neither you nor your horse will feel the chill as you take your time getting those tricky lines straight! And you get an extra light source too (the gentle, comforting light output from SunSwitch is perfect for keeping watch at night over a sick horse or foaling mare).

Right above: Hunter clip - a smart-looking clip for active horses which are exercised regularly. Right below: Blanket clip - suits horses which exercise regularly and spend time turned-out.

Blanket clipped horseWill Equine SunSwitch dry my horse?
It is often necessary, or at the very least, beneficial to shampoo your horse before clipping, to remove the build up of natural oils in the coat which stop the clippers working properly.  Equine SunSwitch will dry your horse off in double quick time while he relaxes with a munch of hay, saving you time and effort.

Is Equine SunSwitch expensive to run?
Not at all. Running costs are approximately 9p per hour per heater – that’s about the same as a hairdryer. But we donít recommend using one of those on your horse!

Is Equine SunSwitch safe?
Equine SunSwitch is completely sealed and impervious to moisture and dust, - a vital consideration around stables and in washdown areas.  It is specifically designed for quick and easy permanent installation indoors or out and it has many practical year round applications.

A proven product in daily use worldwide, Equine SunSwitch produces fantastic results in show ponies, when used to stimulate the moulting process, and for drying after shampooing.  Furthermore, Equine SunSwitch heaters provide an effective and versatile alternative to a bank solarium at a fraction of the cost.  The key is the high-tech Philips short wavelength infra red element, which is not only perfect for warming muscle tissue to help relax and repair, but can be used for extended periods for greater benefit.

Download Equine SunSwitch User Guide (1MB pdf).

Top 10 tips for clipping horses and ponies

  1. To learn the ropes, watch someone clipping who knows what they're doing
  2. Clean your horse/pony thoroughly before you start
  3. If your horse has been shampooed, ensure he is thoroughly dry before starting (Equine SunSwitch is ideal for rapid drying and will stimulate the secretion of natural oils for a glossy coat
  4. Ensure your horse/pony is settled and relaxed - Equine SunSwitch and a hay net will help )
  5. Use good quality clippers for a faster cut with fewer tracks
  6. Don't use blunt clippers - sharp clippers run cooler
  7. Always clip against the natural lay of the hair
  8. Keep the blades down close to the skin - do not hold them at a steep angle
  9. Take your time - a slow clipping action will give the smoothest results
  10. After use, clean the clippers and oil the blades using a light, non-toxic oil


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